Bonita Country Crafters

Good morning, this coming weekend, (March 22nd/23rd), please come visit me, (Artisan Wood Crafts by Gary), at the Bonita Spring Craft Faire!

The faire is on Friday the 22nd from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Saturday the 23rd from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

I will have a booth with my handcrafted artisan pens, kaleidoscopes, cutting boards and more interesting and beautiful one of a kind woodcrafts. This is a great time to check out some unique gift ideas for Graduations, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthdays and all occasions! 

Come on down and check out all the great hand crafted gifts giving or for keeping. Hope to see you there, Gary

Sweetwater Community Church
5305 Sweetwater Road, Bonita CA 91902

About Artisan Woodcrafts By Gary

My love of woodwork and my passion for detail have led me to create “ GARY’S WOODCRAFTS”.

My vision , for you as a customer, is to provide a product you will admire and cherish for a very long time. A
one of a kind hand made piece of wood work that is not only functional but is also a conversation generating
beautiful work of art, an heirloom.

My goal is to make my products the absolute very best quality possible. My kaleidoscopes should be as visually
stimulating on the outside as they are when you look into them. The inlaid marquetry, the wood joinery and the
crystal clear finishes should amaze and fascinate the most discriminate consumer.

My promise is to make sure you are 100% delighted with your purchase.

Because of new technology, like a full spectrum CO2 laser and miniature lathes, I am able to take my skills and
visions to a higher level than ever before. Ordinary roller ball and fountain pens, wine stoppers, key chains and
other everyday items are transformed into something intricate, beautiful and most of all useful.

The precision of the laser not only allows me to compose the most delicate patterns and designs, it also permits
me to combine an infinite variety of materials and exotic wood species.

In a world of mass produced, foreign made and disposable products I want to provide American Made items
that will last and products that demonstrate true craftsmanship. I want my customers to feel they have purchased
something very special as a treat to themselves or to give as a distinctive gift. Custom work is available to your
personal specifications.

For example; quality fountain and rollerball pens have been prized by distinguished business professionals for
centuries. Extraordinary pens are a symbol of power and strength in the business world and have been used to
sign everything from world peace treaties and multi million dollar contracts to the dinner check at a business
meeting. There is something mystical when you feel the weight and finish of a quality pen in your hand as you
write. Your jealous friends will want to find out where you found such a unique and wonderful writing

Browsing through my web pages you will find a huge selection of finely crafted items. Not only is there a wide
variety of pens and pencils to choose from, I also have hardwood cutting boards, key chains, wine and bottle
stoppers, penlights, flash drives, razor handles, kaleidoscopes and many other one of a kind handcrafted things
for you to purchase and enjoy.

As Gary’s Woodcrafts grows you will see a variety of new items crafted from wood. Immediate plans include
engraving: like names, corporate logos and images from jpeg’s. I will be turning bowls, segmented vessels and
constructing more cutting boards.
All these objects can be customized and made to your special request.
Dovetailed and finger jointed boxes for jewelry and trinkets are also in the works. I have plans to make
exquisite lamps, bowls and candle holders. If you have an idea for something special feel free to ask me and we
will make it happen. 

People ask me how I get such a clear finish

People often remark about the beauty of my pen finishes and ask  how I achieve these finishes, so I will briefly outline some steps that I take. After the pen has been turned to shape on the lathe (to a size exactly proper for the mechanism “fitting” to be used), the rest of the process continues with the pen still spindled on the lathe.

Dry sandpaper is sequentially applied to the spinning pen in coarseness grits of 150, 240, 320, 400 and 600 respectively.  After the application of each grit of sandpaper the lathe is stopped, and I laterally sand the pen by hand.  This is important because the spinning lathe leaves sandpaper scratches in a radial direction. The process of hand sanding after each grit ensures that all I have removed all the scratches. These steps take time and patience but that is the commitment I give to make my finely detailed artisan pens.

At this point, depending on the type of pen material, some sort of sealer is often applied. While not normally needed for acrylics, most woods and other materials benefit from CA, epoxy or other sealers. Most pen turners stop the process at this point.

I continue the process by wet sanding in a variety of grits, always including 320 and ending with 800. By now, the pen looks beautiful  but is not yet done! I apply ten more coats of CA, and then start the wet sanding process again with 1500 grit through 12,000 grit. Not done yet ! 

The mixtures I use are dependent on the pen materials involved, and I think you will agree the results are superb. Finally, I use two buffing wheels with white diamond compound followed with a clean, dry buffing wheel. A little renaissance wax museum curation, hand buff soft cloth. The gloss and depth is stunning.

So there you are, as you can tell there is a lot of time attention to detail involved in my process. Starting from a block of wood that I turned to shape with a chisel on a lathe, ensured the components fit perfectly and created a glass like finish which brings out all the inherent beauty of a fine handmade pen!

Artisan woodcrafts by Gary

Ya! We are up and running, the store is open and the shop is  cutting and turning beautiful artisan crafts. Come on in and look around I am adding new artisan custom crafts every day. Look around, ask some questions, tall me what you think or tall me what you would like to see. Please get yourself a cup of hot coffee hang out awhile. Be sure to check out my newest Statesman Rollerball pen, “Fire Rescue & Flame” it is Red Hot! Ready to be gifted to that special person you know who deserves a Thank you or a graduation gift or maybe for your self just because ! Thank you for checking me out at  Artisan Woodcrafts by Gary