Good morning, this week will be to turn a cherry natural edge bowl and a maple bowl for pop-corn with a lid and new high end inlay pens. 

I hope to have the Artisan Woodcrafts by Gary up by the beginning of next-week! 

Under Construction Updates

Hi there readers this morning I have added several new products to my line. 

The Artisan Jr. Gentlemen’s II rollerball black / titanium & gold / titanium pens with all woods and acrylics or even antler blanks. Also adding the higher end Artisan Statesmen II rollerball and fountain pens. And the top-end Artisan Statesmen Fountain pens. These all are very nice to the touch and very pleasing to the eye. Wow, they really are impressive!

I am planing to have a drawing for one of my handmade Jr. Gentlemen’s II rollerball pen, please check back for details.   

My life long love,wood crafts !

I grew up on small island in Florida. My father was born and raised in England. He was drafted into the Royal-Navy where he served and was discharged in New York City in the forties. He became a US citizen and  soon moved to Miami. He found work repairing  and building small boats and other odd jobs. He was later hired  as a yacht club manager at Ocean Reef Club until hurricane Donna destroyed the club in the early sixties. Our family moved to Marco Island where my father  and some friends built Marco River Marina. My father managed the marina for many years. We lived on our boat at the marina and so my life was boats, boats, boats ! 

My father Terence came from a family of master craftsmen and master carpenters. He taught  me all about wood boat repair, boat building and all things marine life entailed.  I learned a lot about wood and  joinery, boat construction and more.
I have a real love all things wood and even more for my new found niche with useful handmade woodcrafts such as writing pens, wine bottle stoppers, toy tops,  yo-yos, kaleidoscopes,  cutting boards, bowls and decorative multi wood boxes, etc.
My website is currently under construction, please check back soon to view my Artisan Woodcrafts by Gary .